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IEE Proceedings - Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Volume 151, Issue 1, January 2004

Volume 151, Issue 1

January 2004

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    • Use of V–I characteristic as a tool to assess the static voltage stability limit of a power system
      Approach for optimal power flow with transient stability constraints
      Fast method for computing power system security margins to voltage collapse
      Design and evaluation of an algorithm for detecting current transformer saturation
      Reduction of rating required for circuit breakers by employing series-connected fault current limiters
      Simultaneous stabilisation approach for power system damping control design through TCPAR employing global signals
      Analysis and implementation of an electronic load controller for a self-excited induction generator
      Model of corona for an EMTP study of surge propagation along HV transmission lines
      Numerical calculations of internal impedance of solid and tubular cylindrical conductors under large parameters
      Frequency-based method for fast-response reserve dispatch in isolated power systems
      Static VAr compensator control for power systems with nonlinear loads
      Method for direct calculation of quadratic turning points
      Model for temperature estimation of electric couplings suffering heavy lightning currents
      Service restoration in naval shipboard power systems
      Iteratively reweighted least-squares implementation of the WLAV state-estimation method
      Hierarchical micro-genetic algorithm paradigm for automatic optimal weight selection in ℋ loop-shaping robust flexible AC transmission system damping control design
      Medium-term generation programming in competitive environments: a new optimisation approach for market equilibrium computing
      Congestion analysis and participants' behaviour in a pool market

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