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IEE Proceedings - Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Volume 149, Issue 2, March 2002

Volume 149, Issue 2

March 2002

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    • Global model for short-term load forecasting using artificial neural networks
      Centralised control of diesel gen-sets for peak shaving and system support
      Natural dynamic equilibrium and multiple equilibria of competitive power markets
      Homogeneous cutting-plane method to solve the security-constrained economic dispatching problem
      Genetic algorithm for supply restoration and optimal load shedding in power system distribution networks
      Evolutionary optimisation method for multistorage hydrothermal scheduling
      Novel framework for dynamic congestion management in open power markets
      Interior point method applied to voltage collapse problems and system-losses-reduction
      Succinct method for allocation of network losses
      Voltage stability assessment for real-time operation
      Contributions of individual generators to complex power losses and flows–Part 1: fundamental theory
      Contributions of individual generators to complex power losses and flows–Part 2: algorithm and simulations
      Fuzzy decision-making in stochastic multiobjective short-term hydrothermal scheduling
      Evaluation of mesh and touch voltage at substations
      Constant Jacobian matrix and its application to fast trajectory simulation of power systems
      A flexible DSTATCOM operating in voltage or current control mode
      Compact and flexible three-phase power flow based on a full Newton formulation
      Steady-state analysis and performance of a single-phase self-regulated self-excited induction generator
      Co-ordinated hierarchical control strategy for multi-infeed HVDC systems

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