IEE Proceedings G (Circuits, Devices and Systems)

Volume 140, Issue 3, June 1993

Volumes & issues:

Volume 140, Issue 3

June 1993

Digitally tunable MOS-current mirrors for high precision applications
Fundamental topologies of three-phase LC resonators and their applications for oscillators
Distributed parameter analysis of dark IV characteristics of the solar cell: estimation of equivalent lumped series resistance and diode quality factor
Design of biquad filters with a single current follower
Statistical and behavioural modelling of analogue integrated circuits
Speed optimised array architecture for flash EEPROMs
Analytical design formulation for minority-carrier well-type guard rings in CMOS circuits
Minimal realisation of recursive and nonrecursive three-dimensional systems
Design of frequency-mode set-valued logic networks
Very high sample rate digital filters using the δ operator
Very high linearity tunable OTA in 5 V CMOS
Area-efficient diminished-1 multiplier for Fermat number-theoretic transform
Finite element modelling of multielectrode capacitive systems for flow imaging
Improved design of digital filters satisfying a combined loss and delay specification
New approach to automatic symbolic analysis of electric circuits
Reply: New approach to automatic symbolic analysis of electric circuits

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