IEE Proceedings G (Circuits, Devices and Systems)

Volume 140, Issue 2, April 1993

Volumes & issues:

Volume 140, Issue 2

April 1993

Perpendicular transport properties of a p-GaAs/δ-doped superlattice/n+-GaAs structure
Capacitor switched gate-turnoff thyristor
Odd-degree elliptic-function lower-sideband polylithic crystal filters
Neural network approach to spectral estimation of harmonic processes
SEESIM: a fast synchronous sequential circuit fault simulator with single-event equivalence
Peak power tracking in parallel connected convertors
Design and analysis of a high-speed sense amplifier for single-transistor nonvolatile memory cells
Sensitive differential method for the extraction of the mobility variation in uniformly degraded MOS transistors
Effective heuristic algorithms for VLSI circuit partition
Efficient systolic solution for a new prime factor discrete Hartley transform algorithm
Residual current device with high immunity to nuisance tripping

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