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IEE Proceedings G (Circuits, Devices and Systems)

Volume 139, Issue 4, August 1992

Volumes & issues:

Volume 139, Issue 4

August 1992

Compatibility of switched capacitor filters with VLSI processes
Design of zero-phase spherically symmetric N-dimensional IIR digital filters
Simple methods for the design of 2D recursive digital filters with noncircular cutoff boundary
Recursive Hartley filter — a new efficient digital-prefilter structure
Associative memory integrated circuit based on neural mutual inhibition
Design of switched-capacitor FIR filters with application to a low-power MFSK receiver
Parameter identification approach to fault diagnosis of switched capacitor circuits
Exact noise figure of a noisy two-port with feedback
Specification of error amplifiers for use in feedforward transmitters
Generalised approach to automatic custom layout of analogue ICs
Voltage-mode and current-mode Sallen-Key implementations based on translinear conveyors
100 Mbit/s adaptive data compressor design using selectively shiftable content-addressable memory
Class of undetectable stuck-open branches in CMOS memory elements
Resistively variable capacitors using general impedance convertors
Theory and design of LDI lattice digital and switched-capacitor filters
Performance trade-offs of globally clocked data-driven arrays
Go/no-go testing of analogue macros
On the design of VLSI arrays for discrete Fourier transform
Low-voltage BICMOS and vertical OTA

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