IEE Proceedings G (Circuits, Devices and Systems)

Volume 139, Issue 3, June 1992

Volumes & issues:

Volume 139, Issue 3

June 1992

Analysis of a Class E rectifier with a series capacitor
Computer-aided interactive filter design using templates
Radiation hardened high performance CMOS VLSI circuit designs
Optimisation approach to the analysis of piecewise-linear convex circuits
Conjugate gradient algorithm for efficient training of artificial neural networks
Fault diagnosis in large analogue circuits based on hybrid decomposition
Performance prediction and function recovery of CMOS circuits damaged by Co-60 irradiation
Five-parameter DC GaAs MESFET model for nonlinear circuit design
Microwave probe for circuit/device testing
Software based linearisation of thermistor type nonlinearity
Optically driven photoconductive devices for power switching application. Part 1: theory and experimental results
Optically driven photoconductive devices for power switching application. Part 2: Thermal modelling including heat sink
Sigma-delta modulators with multibit quantising elements and single-bit feedback
Designing filters for polyphase filter banks
Design, selection and implementation of flash erase EEPROM memory cells
Noise characteristics of n-channel deep-depletion mode MOS transistors
Systolic array architecture implementation of parasitic-insensitive switched-capacitor filters
Inversion of continued-fraction expansion of multidimensional transfer functions using derivatives and graphs
The effect of substrate resistivity on threshold voltage shifts due to radiation-induced damage in IGFET
Simple analytical model for short-channel MOS devices
Simple and direct computer simulation of continuous-mode resonant convertors in steady state

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