IEE Proceedings G (Circuits, Devices and Systems)

Volume 137, Issue 5, October 1990

Volumes & issues:

Volume 137, Issue 5

October 1990

Harmonic distortion of the four-terminal MOSFET in non-quasistatic operation
Operational amplifier modelling for high speed sampled data applications
Mathematical techniques for low-cost optimisation of digital MOS circuits
Sorting without exchanges on a bit-serial systolic array
‘Winner-take-all’ circuit for neurocomputing applications
Necessary and sufficient conditions for strictly positive real matrices
Synthesis of efficient low-order FIR filters from primitive sections
Computation of prime factor DFT and DHT/DCCT algorithms using cyclic and skew-cyclic bit-serial semisystolic IC convolvers
Electrical characterisation of the insulating property of Ta2O5 in AI–Ta2O5–SiO2–Si capacitors by a low-frequency C/V technique
Analytical determination of output resistance and DC matching errors in MOS current mirrors

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