IEE Proceedings G (Circuits, Devices and Systems)

Volume 136, Issue 3, June 1989

Volumes & issues:

Volume 136, Issue 3

June 1989

Minimisation technique for series-gated emitter-coupled logic
Minimal multiplier realisation of bilinear-LDI digital allpass networks
Multipole approximation of capacitively loaded VLSI interconnection
Improved 2-port systolic adaptor for wave digital filters
Iterative solutions for highly doped emitters under illumination
Circularly symmetric two-dimensional multiplierless FIR digital filter design using an enhanced McClellan transformation
Parallel computational techniques for simulating dopant diffusion in silicon
Contact resistance measurements of a MOSFET
Simplified Gram-Schmidt preprocessor for broadband tapped delay-line adaptive array
Pseudoanalogue operation in digital circuits
New floating point impedance simulation using operational amplifiers
Erratum: Systematic approach to the time multiplexing of stray-insensitive SC networks
Erratum: Analysis and understanding of GaAs MESFET behaviour in power amplification

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