IEE Proceedings G (Circuits, Devices and Systems)

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Online ISSN 2053-9061
Print ISSN 0956-3768

Published from 1989-1993, IEE Proceedings G contained significant and original contributions on electronic circuits, solid-state electronic devices and systems. It covered the following topics: circuit theory and design, circuit analysis and simulation; CAD; filters; circuit implementations; cells and architectures for integration including VLSI; testability, fault-tolerant design, minimisation of circuits; electronic devices for technologies including nanoelectronics and MEMs; device and process characterisation; device parameter extraction schemes; the mathematics of circuits and systems theory; and testing and measurement techniques involving electronic circuits, circuits for industrial applications, sensors and transducers.

This journal was previously known as IEE Proceedings I (Solid-State and Electron Devices) 1980-1988. ISSN 0143-7100. more..

This journal was previously known as IEE Proceedings G (Electronic Circuits and Systems) 1980-1988. ISSN 0143-7089. more..

This publication is continued by IEE Proceedings - Circuits, Devices and Systems 1994-2006. ISSN 1350-2409. more..

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