IEE Proceedings F (Communications, Radar and Signal Processing)

Volume 135, Issue 5, October 1988

Volume 135, Issue 5

October 1988

Tracking systems for satellite communications
New angle-of-arrival estimator: comparative evaluation applied to the low-angle tracking radar problem
Lossless progressive image transmission by residual error vector quantisation
Estimating the conditional entropy of a digital television signal
Simultaneous voice and data transmission in private mobile radio using a narrowband fm channel
Fourier—bessel error performance analysis of m-ary qam signalling through awgn and cochannel interferences
Convergence behaviour of the first-order multisampling digital tanlock loop
Two-channel direct-bit detection receiver for 16-psk modulated signals
Optimum data receivers for low SNR data signals in non-gaussian noise and intersymbol interference: receiver structures and their performance analysis
Adaptive linear-phase complex filtering algorithms
Asymptotic behaviour of bit error rate for bandpass direct-sequence spread-spectrum modulation systems

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