IEE Proceedings F (Communications, Radar and Signal Processing)

Volume 133, Issue 3, June 1986

Volume 133, Issue 3

June 1986

Comparison of adaptive cell-averaging detectors for multiple-target situations
Combination of cancelling intersymbol interference and decoding of error-correcting code
Further analysis of bandlimited 16-ary QAM signalling in satellite channels
Low-data-rate visual communication using cartoons: a comparison of data compression techniques
Discrimination of radar clutter by texture analysis
Application of the principle of dyadic symmetry to the generation of orthogonal transforms
Go-back-N ARQ scheme with buffer at the receiver
Adaptive variable update rate algorithm for tracking targets with a phased array radar
New class of sequence sets with good auto- and crosscorrelation functions
Equivalent linear span analysis of binary sequences having an interleaved structure
New class of M-ary communication systems using complementary sequences
Erratum: Performance evaluation of a 512-QAM system in distorted channels
Performance of a new class of binary communication systems

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