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IEE Proceedings F (Communications, Radar and Signal Processing)

Volume 133, Issue 2, April 1986

Volume 133, Issue 2

April 1986

Comparison of strategies for serial acquisition of frequency-hopped spread-spectrum signals
Directional response of a towed array in shallow sea
Graph theory for image analysis: an approach based on the shortest spanning tree
Spectral analysis of randomly sampled signals using a correlation-based slotting technique
Waveform design and doppler sensitivity analysis for nonlinear FM chirp pulses
Cell-averaging CFAR for multiple-target situations
Factors affecting use and design of spread-spectrum modems for the HF band
Generalised crosscorrelator with data-estimated weighting function: a simulation analysis
Performance evaluation of a 512-QAM system in distorted channels
Use of toleranced ‘cost’ functions for circuit routing in complex communications networks
Book review: Doppler Radar and Weather Observations
Conference report. Radar 85

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