IEE Proceedings F (Communications, Radar and Signal Processing)

Volume 131, Issue 7, December 1984

Volume 131, Issue 7

December 1984

Future trends in telecommunications transmission—a personal view
Cryptographic techniques and network security
Investigation of a radar site effect
DC coefficient restoration in transform image coding
Relationship between the maximum entropy method and a likelihood ratio test
A survey of one-coincidence sequences for frequency-hopped spread-spectrum systems
Number of one-coincidence sequence sets for frequency-hopping multiple access communication systems
Transient probability response of cycle slip occurence in the PSK-TDMA carrier recovery
Application of surface-acoustic-wave technology to burst-format spread-spectrum communications
Limits on the search rate of a pseudonoise sliding correlator synchroniser due to self-noise and decorrelation
Distributed routing algorithm for a circuit packet switching network
Electronic hardware implementation of the principal components transformation for multichannel image data
Data transmission over UHF fading mobile radio channels
Data transmission over UHF fading mobile radio channels

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