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IEE Proceedings F (Communications, Radar and Signal Processing)

Volume 131, Issue 2, April 1984

Volume 131, Issue 2

April 1984

Mean-square correlation of shift-register sequences
Serial data transmission over HF radio links
Simplified estimation of ray-path mirroring height for HF radiowaves reflected from the ionospheric F-region
Facsimile coding using symbol-matching techniques
Comparison between time-compression multiplexing and frequency-division multiplexing over narrowband radio systems
Application of Gram-Schmidt algorithm to optimum radar signal processing
Decision tree design and applications in speech processing
Simple cyclic codes for burst errors
An analysis of quasi-synchronous AM mobile radio operation and recommended design parameter values
Position, velocity and acceleration estimates from the noisy radar measurements
Autocorrelation function of the multiplexed sequence
M-ary continuous phase frequency shift keying with modulation index 1/M
Detection probability of a partially fluctuating target
Evaluation of hybrid error control systems
Error probability of QASK with rectangular and circular symbol constellations in the presence of intersymbol quadrature channel and adjacent channel interference
Multiple open-loop interference canceller for a rotating search radar
Pseudobinary Viterbi detector
Measurement of signal to quantising-noise ratio in ADPCM systems and its implications for echo cancellation
Rapid acquisition techniques in CDMA spread-spectrum systems
Radar mortar locator development in the UK: the first 30 years
Baseband video distortion in memoryless nonlinear bandpass amplifiers

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