IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications

Volume 153, Issue 6, November 2006

Volume 153, Issue 6

November 2006

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    • Load-imposed instability and performance degradation in a regulated converter
      Simplified control method for parallel-connected DC/AC inverters
      Radial force density and vibration characteristics of modular permanent magnet brushless AC machine
      Classification and synthesis of power gyrators
      Integral variable-structure grey control for magnetic levitation system
      Mechanical-sensorless induction motor drive based only on DC-link measurements
      Adaptive controller design for a sensorless IPMSM drive system with a maximum torque control
      Design of a multispeed winding for a brushless DC motor and its sensorless control
      Synthesis of power gyrators operating at constant switching frequency
      Detection of broken rotor bars in induction motor using starting-current analysis and effects of loading
      Sub-envelope modulation method to reduce total harmonic distortion of AC/AC matrix converters
      Pulse converter for induction-heating applications
      High-power-factor operation of three-phase AC-to-DC resonant converter
      Numerical impulse response test to estimate circuit-model parameters for induction machines
      Load simulator with power recovery capability based on voltage source converter–inverter set
      Induction motor performance as a function of phase number
      Analysing the dynamics of regulated converters
      Improved flux estimation and stator-resistance adaptation scheme for sensorless control of induction motor
      TSK-type recurrent fuzzy network for DSP-based permanent-magnet linear synchronous motor servo drive
      Boost-half-bridge edge resonant soft switching PWM high-frequency inverter for consumer induction heating appliances

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