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IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications

Volume 152, Issue 6, November 2005

Volume 152, Issue 6

November 2005

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    • High-performance plasma-display-panel ‘sustain’ power supply
      Dynamical behaviour of a three-phase generator due to unbalanced magnetic pull
      Application of three-phase resonant converter in high power DC supplies
      Equivalent circuit model for an insulated gate bipolar transistor
      Structural analysis of low-speed axial-flux permanent-magnet machines
      Core faults in large generators
      Pull-out torque of fractional-slot PM-motors with concentrated winding
      PDM and PFM hybrid control of a series-resonant inverter for corona surface treatment
      Control of high-performance switched-mode rectifier system
      Analysis of a stand-alone permanent-magnet synchronous generator using a time-stepping coupled field-circuit method
      Spice-based flux-linkage model for switched reluctance motors
      Unbalanced DC-Link voltage regulation in a back-to-back 3-level PWM converter for a double-fed induction motor-generator
      Type-2 fuzzy controller design using a sliding-mode approach for application to DC–DC converters
      Adaptive fuzzy position control for electrical servodrive via total-sliding-mode technique
      Online capacitance estimation of DC-link electrolytic capacitors for three-phase AC/DC/AC PWM converters using recursive least squares method
      Passivity-based control of a phase-shifted resonant converter
      Two-loop voltage-mode control of coupled inductor step-down buck converter
      Zero-current-switching switched-capacitor bidirectional DC–DC converter
      Temperature field of a double squirrel-cage motor during startup
      Five-level inverter scheme for an induction motor drive with simultaneous elimination of common-mode voltage and DC-link capacitor voltage imbalance
      Performance comparisons of model-free control strategies for hybrid magnetic levitation system
      Field-oriented control scheme for linear induction motor with the end effect
      Precise position control using a PMSM with a disturbance observer containing a system parameter compensator
      Single-stage single-switch power factor correction AC/DC converter
      Steady state reference current determination technique for brushless DC motor drive system
      ANN based designing and cost determination system for induction motor

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