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IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications

Volume 152, Issue 5, September 2005

Volume 152, Issue 5

September 2005

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    • Nonlinear controller design and implementation for a matrix-converter-based PMSM drive system
      Study on centre-fed boundless track circuits
      Analysis and implementation of a three-level active filter with a reduced number of power semiconductors
      Axial-flux permanent-magnet air-cored generator for small-scale wind turbines
      Design and experimental validation of a multiphase VRM controller
      Analysis and implementation of a zero-voltage switching forward converter with a synchronous rectifier
      Parallel damped passivity-based control of quasi-resonant converters
      Proximity-effect loss calculations for a discontinuous-mode PFC inductor utilising a multifilar winding construction
      Inter-bar currents in cage induction motors
      Continuous-conduction-mode boost converter with reduced reverse-recovery loss
      Sensorless speed control of permanent-magnet motors with nonsinusoidal EMF waveform
      Sensorless second-order sliding-mode speed control of a voltage-fed induction-motor drive using nonlinear state feedback
      FPGA-based fuzzy sliding-mode control for a linear induction motor drive
      Design and digital implementation of active filter with power balance theory
      Small-signal analysis of multiphase interleaved boost converter with coupled inductors
      Design of voltage-mode hysteretic controllers for synchronous buck converters supplying microprocessor loads
      Inrush current limiting technique for low-voltage synchronous DC/DC converters
      Application of permanent-magnet reluctance to minimise torque pulsation in single-phase synchronous motors
      Analysis and implementation of full-bridge converter with current doubler rectifier
      Trinary hybrid multilevel inverter used in STATCOM with unbalanced voltages
      Design and implementation of a cost-effective position control system for an ironless linear motor
      Zero-current-switching PWM power-factor-correction converter
      Analysis of Luo converters with voltage-lift circuit
      Nonlinear speed control for a PM synchronous motor with a sequential parameter auto-tuning algorithm
      V2-based power tracking for nonlinear PV sources
      Fuzzy-controlled individual-cell equaliser using discontinuous inductor current-mode Cûk convertor for lithium–ion chemistries
      Current-error space-vector-based hysteresis PWM controller for three-level voltage source inverter fed drives
      CLL resonant converters with output short-circuit protection
      Thermal behaviour of induction motors under different speeds
      Influence of voltage and current source inverters on low-power induction motors
      Intelligent backstepping sliding-mode control using RBFN for two-axis motion control system
      Speed-sensorless vector control for permanent-magnet synchronous motors based on instantaneous reactive power in the wide-speed region
      Curvature-related eddy-current losses in laminated axial flux machine cores
      Active and passive magnetic shielding for stray field reduction of an induction heater with axial flux
      Influence of a charging current with a sinusoidal perturbation on the performance of a lead-acid battery
      High-efficiency, high-step-up DC–DC convertor for fuel-cell generation system

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