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IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications

Volume 152, Issue 3, May 2005

Volume 152, Issue 3

May 2005

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    • Fuzzy logic speed control and current-harmonic reduction in permanent-magnet brushless AC drives
      Novel single-phase switching mode multilevel rectifier with a high power factor
      Determining torque–speed curve of two-speed deep cage lift asynchronous machines
      Single-phase AC/DC/AC converter based on capacitor clamped topology
      Genetic-algorithm-based solution in PWM converter switching
      Induction machine deep-bar and thermal models for sensorless IRFOC application
      Three-phase high power factor AC/DC converter
      Control method for DC-link voltage ripple cancellation in voltage source inverter under unbalanced three-phase voltage supply conditions
      Maximum power throughput in the multiphase brushless DC generator
      Control of high-frequency AC link electronic transformer
      Magamp application and limitation for multiwinding flyback converter
      Control of an induction motor drive fed with a single-phase fed sparse PWM rectifier/inverter
      Four- and eight-piece Halbach array analysis and geometry optimisation for maglev
      Half-bridge CLL resonant rectifier with quantum mode control
      Modelling and control of three-phase/switch/level fixed-frequency PWM rectifier: state-space averaged model
      Voltage-clamped forward quasi-resonant converter with soft switching and reduced switch stress
      Speed control for field-weakened induction motor drive
      Simplified flux-linkage model for switched-reluctance motors
      Generalised steady-state analysis of multiphase interleaved boost converter with coupled inductors
      Three-phase capacitor-clamped converter with fewer switches for use in power factor correction
      Asymmetrical winding configuration to reduce inrush current with appropriate short-circuit current in transformer
      Control scheme for reducing rail potential and stray current in MRT systems
      Sound power radiated from an inverter-driven induction motor. Part 3: statistical energy analysis
      Adaptive control of power factor correction converter using nonlinear system identification
      Single-stage half-bridge converter with high power factor
      Dynamics analysis of a single-stage isolated high power factor converter with a magnetic switch
      Average circuit model for angle-controlled STATCOM
      Design and experimental operation of a control strategy for the buck–boost DC–AC Inverter
      Phase-locked-loop-control-based electronic ballast for fluorescent lamps
      Experimental verification of three-phase four-wire current-regulated PWM converter
      Passivity-based control for flux regulation in a variable reluctance finger gripper
      Analysis of active filter behaviour by means of modified -transform method
      Reduction of cogging force in PM linear motors by pole-shifting
      Correlation of modeling techniques and power factor for switched-reluctance machines drives
      Frequency-dependent equivalent circuit for the representation of synchronous machines
      Cogging-force-reduction techniques for linear permanent-magnet machines
      Analysis and control of three-phase self-excited induction generators supplying single-phase AC and DC loads
      Single-stage half-bridge converter using a coupled-inductor
      Novel Three-Phase AC/DC Converter with High Power Factor

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