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IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications

Volume 152, Issue 2, March 2005

Volume 152, Issue 2

March 2005

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    • Signalling blocklayout and strategy of train operation for saving energy in mass rapid transit systems
      Single-phase unidirectional AC/DC converter with high power factor
      Sub-domain scaling for finite element analysis of electrical machines
      Simple harmonic analysis method for multi-carrier PWM techniques using output phase voltage in multi-level inverter
      Single-stage single-switch isolated PFC converter with non-dissipative clamping
      New active power filter and control method
      Optimisation-based strategy for shunt active power filter control under non-ideal supply voltages
      Energy factor and mathematical modelling for power DC/DC converters
      Current-injection based low harmonic three-phase diode bridge rectifier operating in discontinuous conduction mode
      A five-level reinjection scheme for high pulse-voltage source conversion
      Analysis of integrated boost-flyback step-up converter
      Vector control schemes for series-connected six-phase two-motor drive systems
      On the control of photovoltaic maximum power point tracker via output parameters
      Simple current injection technique for power factor correction in controlled rectifier applications
      Three-level inverter configuration with common-mode voltage elimination for induction motor drive
      Improved finite element computations of torque in brushless permanent magnet motors
      Study on maximum torque generation for sensorless controlled brushless DC motor with trapezoidal back EMF
      Magnetic flux density distribution in axial flux machine cores
      Space vector PWM signal generation for multilevel inverters using only the sampled amplitudes of reference phase voltages
      Design oriented analysis of fourth-order LCLC converters with capacitive output filter
      Zero-voltage transition PWM converters: a classification methodology
      Switch-mode voltage-doubler rectifier with symmetrical arrangement of capacitors for pumping action
      Robust position control of linear brushless DC motor drive sytstem based on μ-synthesis
      Analytical model of a classical switched-reluctance motor
      Continuous conduction mode operation of three-phase diode bridge rectifier with constant load voltage
      Control techniques for active power filters
      Matrix converters for sensorless control of PMSMs and other auxiliaries on deep-sea ROVs
      Developments in CAD for PWM inverter systems
      Novel zero-current-switching (ZCS) PWM converters
      Current-mode control to enhance closed-loop performance of asymmetrical half-bridge DC–DC converters
      Reversed-output current-assisted ZVS phase-shift PWM DC–DC power converter using synchronous rectifier
      Precision control of single-phase PWM inverter using PLL compensation

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