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IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications

Volume 152, Issue 1, January 2005

Volume 152, Issue 1

January 2005

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    • Modular hysteresis current control of hybrid multilevel inverters
      Single-phase switching-mode rectifier with capacitor-clamped topology
      Lightweight ironless-stator PM generators for direct-drive wind turbines
      Ultra-lift Luo-converter
      Optimal area control of AC railway systems via PWM traction drives
      Modelling and analysis of cascade step-down converters
      Modelling of switched mode power converters using bond graph
      Optimisation of inverter placement for mass rapid transit systems by immune algorithm
      Critical review of the analytical approaches accounting for interbar currents and experimental study of ageing in two-speed asynchronous motors for elevator drives
      A Theoretical minimum DC-link capacitance in PWM converter–inverter systems
      Single-stage dimmable electronic ballast with high power factor and low EMI
      Full expandable model of parallel self-excited induction generators
      A simple method for acquiring the conducting angle in a multilevel cascaded inverter using step pulse waves
      Rotor flux linkage oriented control of induction motor with included magnetic saturation
      Current sharing for synchronised DC/DC converters operating in discontinuous conduction mode

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