IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications

Volume 151, Issue 6, November 2004

Volume 151, Issue 6

November 2004

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    • Improved analytical modelling of rotor eddy current loss in brushless machines equipped with surface-mounted permanent magnets
      Implications of shorted turn faults in bar wound PM machines
      Advanced common control method for shunt and series active compensators used in power quality improvement
      Eight-switch, three-phase rectifier for power factor correction
      Topologies of three-phase rectifiers with near sinusoidal input currents
      Sinusoidalisation of the input current in boost-type rectifier using sigma–delta modulation schemes
      A stable back-EMF MRAS-based sensorless low-speed induction motor drive insensitive to stator resistance variation
      Minimisation of flux droop in direct torque controlled induction motor drives
      Hybrid control scheme of active-clamped Class E inverter with induction heating jar for high power applications
      Adaptive recurrent fuzzy neural network control for synchronous reluctance motor servo drive
      Analysis and active reduction of vibration and acoustic noise in the switched reluctance motor
      Detailed analysis of closed-loop control of output-voltage harmonics in voltage-source inverters
      Three-level voltage-source inverter for shunt active filter
      Current limitation control for multi-module parallel operation of UPS inverters
      Polynomial modelling of electromechanical devices: an efficient alternative to look-up tables

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