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IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications

Volume 151, Issue 5, September 2004

Volume 151, Issue 5

September 2004

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    • High-Performance Harmonic Extraction Algorithm for a 25 kV Traction Power Quality Conditioner
      Structurally integrated brushless PM motor for miniature propeller thrusters
      Favourable slot and pole number combinations for fault-tolerant PM machines
      Utility AC interfaced soft-switching sinewave PWM power conditioner with two-switch flyback high-frequency transformer
      Online observation and compensation of voltage distortion in PWM VSI for PMSM
      Optimal design of superconducting generator using genetic algorithm and simulated annealing
      Analysis and implementation of a single-phase capacitor-clamped inverter with simple structure
      Performance evaluation of edge-resonant ZVS-PWM high-frequency inverter using trench-gate IGBTs for consumer induction cooking heater
      Simple control strategy for balancing the DC-link voltage of neutral-point-clamped inverter at low modulation index
      Experimental comparison of methods of employing IGBTs connected in series
      Signal flow graph modelling of multi-state boost DC–DC converters
      Positive output cascade boost converters
      Two-phase supply of three-phase transformers. Part 2: Wound core type transformers
      Two-axis motion control system using wavelet neural network for ultrasonic motor drives
      Analysis, simulation and test results for a cycloconverter-fed AC commutator-less motor drive with a modified machine model
      Transient characteristics of high-voltage flyback transformer operating in discontinuous conduction mode
      Transient performance analysis of a switched-resistance compound-wound DC motor

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