IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications

Volume 151, Issue 4, July 2004

Volume 151, Issue 4

July 2004

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    • Position detection and drive of a toroidal switched reluctance motor (TSRM) using search coils
      Loss-minimising control scheme for induction motors
      Dynamic analysis of a new single-switch AC–AC converter for induction heating applications
      PWM-controlled soft-switching SEPP high-frequency inverter for induction-heating applications
      Analysis and design of a robust average current mode control loop for parallel buck DC-DC converters to reduce line and load disturbance
      Effect of output current ripple on the input supply current and the power quality for a cycloconverter-fed drive
      Analysis and design of parallel-connected peak-current-mode-controlled switching DC/DC power supplies
      Single-phase half-bridge rectifier with power factor correction
      Quasi-resonant soft-switching inverter for low and high power factor loads
      Parallel converter scheme for high-power active power filters
      Design, simulation and implementation of three-pole/four-pole topologies for active filters
      Multi-level discontinuous pulsewidth modulation: common mode voltage minimisation analysis
      Effects of input voltage measurement on stability of matrix converter drive system
      Single pole-to-earth fault detection and location on a fourth-rail DC railway system

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