IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications

Volume 151, Issue 3, May 2004

Volume 151, Issue 3

May 2004

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    • Cross-magnetisation effects in electrical machines
      Novel soft-commutation DC–DC power converter with high-frequency transformer secondary side phase-shifted PWM active rectifier
      Analysis and implementation of a three-phase four-wire switching mode rectifier based on a switch-clamped scheme
      Three-phase three-wire series active power filter, which compensates for harmonics and reactive power
      Advanced current control implementation with robust deadbeat algorithm for shunt single-phase voltage-source type active power filter
      Novel approach to reducing the inrush current of a power transformer
      Development of a superconducting transformer using self-resonant techniques for DC/DC power conversion
      Unified design for ZVT PWM converters with resonant auxiliary circuit
      Active capacitor voltage control of flying capacitor multilevel converters
      Three-phase vector switching converters for power flow control
      Robust controller design for a single-phase UPS inverter using μ-synthesis
      Sound power radiated from an inverter driven induction motor II: numerical analysis
      Integral variable structure controller with grey prediction for synchronous reluctance motor drive
      Novel line-interactive uninterruptible power supply
      Coast control for mass rapid transit railways with searching methods

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