IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications

Volume 151, Issue 2, March 2004

Volume 151, Issue 2

March 2004

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    • Design of voltage model flux observer
      Design, analysis and realisation of a high-performance magnetic gear
      Analysis of axially magnetised, iron-cored, tubular permanent magnet machines
      Electromagnetic design of axial-flux permanent magnet machines
      Time variable transformers operating at a near-unity transfer ratio and some possible applications
      Analysis of 4th-order LCLC resonant power converters
      Novel high-efficiency step-up converter
      Novel battery charging regulation system for photovoltaic applications
      Three-dimensional space vector modulation with DC voltage variation control in a three-leg centre-split power quality compensator
      Comparison of single-phase three-level pulse width modulation strategies
      Unidirectional three-phase rectifier with high power factor
      Analytical estimation of torque enhancement of the SR machine with saw-shaped (shark) pole surfaces
      Dual two-level inverter scheme for an open-end winding induction motor drive with a single DC power supply and improved DC bus utilisation
      Carrier-rotation strategy for voltage balancing in flying capacitor multilevel inverter

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