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IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications

Volume 150, Issue 6, November 2003

Volume 150, Issue 6

November 2003

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    • New brushless synchronous alternator
      Fast current control for thyristor rectifiers
      Three-phase high power factor rectifier with two NPC legs
      Modelling the performance of the vernier hybrid machine
      Vernier hybrid machines
      Fault tolerant, variable frequency, unity power factor converters for safety critical PM drives
      Analysis of voltage output LCC resonant converters, including boost mode operation
      Family of improved ZVT PWM converters using a self-commutated auxiliary network
      Accuracy improvement of low-frequency small signal model of current mode controlled zero voltage switching half-bridge PWM converter
      Sensorless control scheme using simple duty feedback technique in DC/DC converters
      Input–output linearising tracking control of an induction motor including magnetic saturation effects
      Losses in grid and inverter supplied induction machine drives
      Quasi-series-resonant-type soft-switching phase shift modulated inverter
      New limiting algorithms for space vector modulated three-phase four-leg voltage source inverters
      Control strategy for single-phase UPS inverters
      Iron loss prediction considering the rotational field and flux density harmonics in IPMSM and SynRM
      Impulse method to calculate the frequency response of the electromagnetic forces on whirling cage rotors

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