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IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications

Volume 150, Issue 2, March 2003

Volume 150, Issue 2

March 2003

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    • Sensorless operation of a fault tolerant PM drive
      Chaos study and parameter-space analysis of the DC–DC buck–boost converter
      Active power filter control using neural network technologies
      Simulation of airflow and heat transfer in small alternators using CFD
      Electronic ballast for operating fluorescent lamps over wide temperature range
      Sensorless rotor position and speed estimation for a synchronous reluctance motor
      Active clamped ZVS forward converter with soft-switched synchronous rectifier for high efficiency, low output voltage applications
      Modelling and identification for reduction of overvoltage transients
      ZCS high frequency inverter using SIT for induction heating applications
      Backstepping nonlinear speed controller for switched-reluctance motors
      Energy efficiency optimisation in synchronous reluctance motor drives
      Natural frequency of stator core of small induction motor
      Supervisory genetic evolution control for indirect field-oriented induction motor drive
      Sliding-mode torque and flux control of an induction machine
      Zero voltage soft switching PWM high-frequency inverter using IGBTs for induction heated fixing roller

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