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IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications

Volume 150, Issue 1, January 2003

Volume 150, Issue 1

January 2003

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    • Adaptive sliding-mode controller based on real-time genetic algorithm for induction motor servo drive
      Harmonic control using an active drive
      Modelling and quantitative direct digital control for a DSP-based soft-switching-mode rectifier
      Double two-switch forward transformer linked soft-switching PWM DC–DC power converter using IGBTs
      Integrated design of EMI filter and PFC low-pass filter for power electronic converters
      Experimental study of bifurcation and chaos in the Buck-Boost converter
      High-speed analysis of resonant power converters
      Maximum power point tracking of coupled inductor interleaved boost converter supplied PV system
      Single-phase voltage-doubler rectifier using a capacitive energy storage/transfer mechanism
      Power converter circuit for a switched reluctance motor using a flyback transformer
      Calculation of centrifugal stress in four-pole switched-reluctance rotors
      Force density improvements from increasing the number of airgap surfaces in synchronous linear actuators

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