IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications

Volume 147, Issue 6, November 2000

Volume 147, Issue 6

November 2000

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    • A Virtual work approach to the computation of magnetic force distribution from finite element field solutions
      Aerodynamic losses in switched reluctance machines
      Adaptive backstepping control for linear induction motor drive to track periodic references
      Effects of using DC-side average current-mode control on a three-phase converter with an input filter and distorted supply
      Double-output Luo converters, an advanced voltage-lift technique
      Voltage-injection control for switched-mode power-supply applications
      Acoustic noise radiated from direct torque controlled induction motor drives
      Maximum power point tracking with capacitor identifier for photovoltaic power system
      Robust current control for brushless DC motors
      Applications of describing functions to estimate the continuous and discontinuous conduction mode for a DC-to-DC buck converter
      Remote short-circuit current determination in DC railway systems using wavelet transform
      Series resonant ZCS–PFM DC–DC converter with multistage rectified voltage multiplier and dual-mode PFM control scheme for medical-use high-voltage X-ray power generator
      Photovoltaic converter system suitable for use in small scale stand-alone or grid connected applications
      Operation of subsea electrical submersible pumps supplied over extended length cable systems
      Adaptive sliding-mode control for induction servomotor drive
      Reactive power compensation and load balancing for unbalanced three-phase four-wire system by a combined system of an SVC and a series active filter
      Single-phase active power filter based on three-dimensional current co-ordinates

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