IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications

Volume 147, Issue 5, September 2000

Volume 147, Issue 5

September 2000

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    • DC-link voltage boosting and switching control for switched reluctance motor drives
      Modelling and multivariable control of a gearless, electrically actuated vibrator
      Electromagnetic force on a whirling cage rotor
      Advanced nonlinear control of three-phase PWM rectifiers
      The role of integrated passive components in protecting motor windings
      Novel, three phase, unity power factor modular induction heater
      Design and implementation of a single phase three-arms rectifier inverter
      Line-voltage-sensorless active power filter for reactive power compensation
      Shunt-excited doubly salient 8/6-switched reluctance machine
      Active power filters: A review
      Neural diagnostic system for transformer thermal overload protection
      Unity power factor and efficiency control of a voltage source inverter-fed variable-speed induction motor drive
      Optimal design of autorecloser electromagnetic actuator

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