IEE Proceedings - Electric Power Applications

Volume 147, Issue 4, July 2000

Volume 147, Issue 4

July 2000

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    • Stator-flux-oriented control of a doubly-fed induction machine: with and without position encoder
      Speed sensorless control performance improvement of induction motor drive using uncertainty cancellation
      Robust control of linear synchronous motor servodrive using disturbance observer and recurrent neural network compensator
      Failure of the London Underground's 22 kV power supply system – an exercise in logic and transport management
      Total apparent power of the electrical system for periodic, deformed waveforms
      SEPIC derived three-phase switching mode rectifier with sinusoidal input current
      Hybrid filter control system with adaptive filters for selective elimination of harmonics and interharmonics
      New multilevel rectifier based on series connection of H-bridge cell
      Development of a single-phase half-bridge active power filter with the function of uninterruptible power supplies
      Analysis and design of a novel active power filter configuration
      Three-phase ideal phase shifter using AC choppers

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