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IEE Proceedings E (Computers and Digital Techniques)

Volume 136, Issue 5, September 1989

Volume 136, Issue 5

September 1989

Special section on associative processors and memories
Neural networks and conditional association networks. common properties and differences
Content-addressable mass memories
Flag-algebra: a new concept for the realisation of fully parallel associative architectures
Architectures for testability and fault tolerance in content-addressable systems
Design of an associative processor array
Content-addressable memories applied to execution of logic programs
Fault tolerance of neural associative memories
Control of manipulators by neural networks
Windmill pn-sequence generators
Pruned-trellis search technique for high-rate convolutional codes
Bidirectional ring-based termination detection algorithms for distributed computations
Performance analysis of queuing networks with end-to-end window flow control
Detection of stuck-at and bridging faults in reed—muller canonical (RMC) networks
Test generation of C-testable array dividers
Very fast reduction machine for functional programming without variables
ASIC test sequence minimisation by built-in testability in logic surrounding embedded binary asynchronous counters
Integrating voice and data services in token rings

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