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IEE Proceedings E (Computers and Digital Techniques)

Volume 136, Issue 4, July 1989

Volume 136, Issue 4

July 1989

TOMP project
New array processor architectures for two-dimensional FIR digital filters
Block diagonal structure in discrete transforms
Efficiency of state assignment methods for PLA-based sequential circuits
Efficient realisation of discrete Fourier transforms using the recursive discrete Hartley transform
Error propagation property and application in cryptography
A low-cost text retrieval machine
Binary decision graph reduction
Object-background segmentation using new definitions of entropy
Maximum pulse-position and counting errors of binary rate multipliers
Charge-coupled device implementation of multivalued logic systems
Influence of guiding testability measure on number of backtracks of ATPG program
Syntactic translation and logic synthesis in Gatemap
On designing robust testable CMOS combinational circuits

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