IEE Proceedings D (Control Theory and Applications)

Volume 139, Issue 3, May 1992

Volume 139, Issue 3

May 1992

Adaptive lattice estimation and control of a manipulator with one flexible forearm
Performance in sampled data systems
Design of restricted complexity digital regulators using explicit criterion minimisation
Robust stabilisation of multivariable feedback systems with desired performance requirement
Improved Wolovich algorithm for determining state-space representations of linear multivariable polynomial systems
On matched pole–zero discrete-time models
Connectionist approach to PID autotuning
On the solution of the continuous-time Lyapunov matrix equation in two canonical forms
Synthesis of pole-zero assignment control law with minimum control input
Model validation by the distortion method: linear state space systems
Uncertainty modelling and structured singular-value computation applied to an electromechanical system
Robust identification of systems using block-pulse functions
Architecture for integrated process supervision
Use of bicausal weighting sequences in least squares identification of open-loop unstable dynamic systems
Graph-theoretic decoupling technique for the design of synchronous generator controllers
Note on single-term Walsh series method for singular systems

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