IEE Proceedings D (Control Theory and Applications)

Volume 138, Issue 5, September 1991

Volume 138, Issue 5

September 1991

Fully decentralised algorithm for multisensor Kalman filtering
Design and implementation of self-tuning active noise control systems
Neural networks for nonlinear internal model control
Design of integral variable structure controller and application to electrohydraulic velocity servosystems
Adaptive control of plants using all-zero model for dead-time identification
Decoupling of descriptor systems
Robust low order dynamic controller for flexible spacecraft
Sliding mode control of remotely operated vehicles for horizontal plane motions
Petri nets based approach to software development for real-time control
Robust H control for class of uncertain linear time-invariant systems
Robust identification of stochastic linear systems with correlated noise
Controller design of multivariable variable structure systems with nonlinear switching surfaces
Rule based identifier for unknown systems

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