IEE Proceedings D (Control Theory and Applications)

Volume 137, Issue 5, September 1990

Volume 137, Issue 5

September 1990

Self-tuning PID control of Atracurium-induced muscle relaxation in surgical patients
Degeneracy in nonlinear least squares: coincidence of more than two parameters
Dynamic performance of robot manipulators under different operating conditions
Statistics of frequency-response estimates
Pseudo-continuous-time quadratic regulators with pole placement in a specific region
Variable-structure control approach of decentralised model-reference adaptive systems
Optimal pulse-position pulsewidth-modulated control of sampled data position servosystems
Decentralised and hierarchical control of interconnected uncertain systems
Linear system reduction using approximate moment matching
Linear system reduction using approximate moment matching
Deadbeat controllers with ripple-free requirement for SISO discrete systems
Closed-loop model for general multirate digital control systems
Robustness measure bounds for Lyapunov-type state-feedback systems

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