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IEE Proceedings D (Control Theory and Applications)

Volume 135, Issue 2, March 1988

Volume 135, Issue 2

March 1988

Linear system reduction using approximate moment matching
Stability and performance bounds for the linearisation-based analysis and design of multivariable nonlinear systems
Application of nonlinear system transformations to control design for a chemical reactor
Self-tuning control of hypotension during ENT surgery using a volatile anaesthetic
Decoupling and data sensitivity in singular systems
New pole assignment algorithm with reduced norm feedback matrix
Modified algorithm for steady-state integrated system optimisation and parameter estimation
Parameter-bounding identification algorithms for bounded-noise records
Robustness analysis of discrete-time adaptive control systems using input-output stability theory: a tutorial
Leak detection and location in gas pipelines
Adaptive model following control of electrohydraulic velocity control systems subjected to unknown disturbances
Controller designs for model-plant parameter mismatch

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