IEE Proceedings D (Control Theory and Applications)

Volume 131, Issue 6, November 1984

Volume 131, Issue 6

November 1984

Complex sectors and multivariable on-axis and off-axis circle criteria
Parameter estimation of system dynamics with modulation-type noise—application to the modelling of the dynamic relationship between the EMG and force transients in muscle
Pole assignment in decentralised systems: a structural approach
Optimal variable-structure controller for DC motor speed control
Time-optimal control algorithm for microprocessor with asymmetrical bounds
Model reduction of linear multivariable control systems via frequency matching
Low-order modelling via discrete stability equations
Robust stability of diagonally dominant systems
Parameter estimation from noncontiguous data
On using orthogonal functions with singular systems
Reply: Numerical inversion of multidimensional Laplace transforms via block-pulse functions

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