IEE Proceedings D (Control Theory and Applications)

Volume 130, Issue 6, November 1983

Volume 130, Issue 6

November 1983

Design of model reference systems using frequency-domain methods
Autopilot for ship control. Part 1: Theoretical design
Autopilot for ship control. Part 2: Simulation studies
Discrete-time multivariable criterion for limit cycle predictions
Optimal control of linear systems with delays in state and control via Walsh functions
Structurally fixed modes in decentralised systems. Part 1: Two control stations
Structurally fixed modes in decentralised systems. Part 2: General case
Heat-pump control
State reconstruction in low-sensitivity design of 3-dimensional systems
Recursive self-tuning algorithm for adaptive Kalman filtering
Optimal control of power system generators incorporating nonlinear state feedback
Computer-aided design of feedback controllers for nonlinear systems with applications to control of a double-inverted pendulum
Reciprocal transformations in balanced model-order reduction
Factor division: a useful algorithm in model reduction

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