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IEE Proceedings D (Control Theory and Applications)

Volume 129, Issue 6, November 1982

Volume 129, Issue 6

November 1982

Sensitivity and robustness in control systems theory and design
Quantitative feedback theory
Sensitivity reduction in ship-manoeuvring performance via nonlinear compensation
Principal gains and phases: insensitive robustness measures for assessing the closed-loop stability property
Analysis of feedback systems with structured uncertainties
Stability margins of diagonally perturbed multivariable feedback systems
Frequency-response design of robust optimal controllers
Optimal control of linear uncertain multivariable stochastic systems
State-inequalities approach to control systems with uncertainty
Multivariable stability-margin optimisation with decoupling and output regulation
Robust control strategy for a linear time-invariant multivariable sampled-data servomechanism problem
Design of robust digital set-point tracking controllers for linear multivariable plants with time-delayed inputs
Robust stability of Smith predictor controllers for time-delay systems
Robustness properties of model-reference adaptive control systems
Robust decentralised control using output feedback

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