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IEE Proceedings - Control Theory and Applications

Volume 151, Issue 4, July 2004

Volume 151, Issue 4

July 2004

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    • Pole-placement for SISO linear systems by state-derivative feedback
      Hot strip mill multivariable mass flow control
      Variable-structure control for a linear synchronous motor using a recurrent fuzzy neural network
      Recurrent fuzzy neural network controller design using sliding-mode control for linear synchronous motor drive
      Delay-dependent robust stability of uncertain fuzzy systems with time-varying delays
      Minimising entropy and mean tracking control for affine nonlinear and non-Gaussian dynamic stochastic systems
      2D rigid-body target modelling for tracking and identification with GMTI/HRR measurements
      Robust H observer for nonlinear discrete systems with time delay and parameter uncertainties
      Simultaneous static output-feedback stabilisation for discrete-time interval systems with time delay
      Determining the stability of a multifrequency large-scale system using lifting operators
      Nonlinear robust control design for levitation and propulsion of a maglev system
      Design of LPV control systems based on Youla parameterisation
      Control of processes with dead time and input constraints using control signal shaping
      Two-degree-of-freedom IMC structure and controller design for integrating processes based on gain and phase-margin specifications
      Controllability of periodic systems: continuous and discrete
      Sparse model identification using orthogonal forward regression with basis pursuit and D-optimality
      Voltage-fed permanent-magnet stepper motor control via position-only feedback
      Data driven weighted estimation error benchmarking for estimators and condition monitoring systems

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