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IEE Proceedings - Control Theory and Applications

Volume 150, Issue 2, March 2003

Volume 150, Issue 2

March 2003

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    • New approach to assessing the effects of parametric variations in feedback loops
      Robust neural network controller for variable airflow volume system
      Manipulator velocity control using friction compensation
      Control design in the harmonic domain for microwave and RF circuits
      LPV technique for the rejection of sinusoidal disturbance with time-varying frequency
      Sparse multioutput radial basis function network construction using combined locally regularised orthogonal least square and D-optimality experimental design
      System identification via optimised wavelet-based neural networks
      Phase-locked loops for plant tuning and monitoring
      Identification of direction-dependent processes using maximum length ternary signals
      Hierarchical supervisory control of discrete event systems based on H-observability
      On the sufficiently small sampling period for the convenient tuning of fractional-order hold circuits
      Adaptive fuzzy observer with minimal dynamic order for uncertain nonlinear systems
      Adaptive tracking control of flexible joint manipulator based on fuzzy model reference approach

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