IEE Proceedings - Control Theory and Applications

Volume 149, Issue 3, May 2002

Volume 149, Issue 3

May 2002

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    • Fuzzy controller for flexible-link robot arm by reduced-order techniques
      Average performance control by static output feedback
      Robust adaptive sliding mode control using fuzzy modelling for a class of uncertain MIMO nonlinear systems
      MIMO nonlinear PID predictive controller
      Modelling and energy based nonlinear control of crane lifters
      Identification of a deterministic constant-affine state space model with known initial conditions
      H output feedback control for delay systems with nonlinear and parametric uncertainties
      Optimal control design for hard disk drive servosystems
      Maximisation of feasibility/stability regions of model predictive control for constrained linear systems
      Optimum structures of digital controllers in sampled-data systems: a roundoff noise analysis

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