IEE Proceedings - Control Theory and Applications

Volume 148, Issue 3, May 2001

Volume 148, Issue 3

May 2001

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    • Inverse control of systems with hysteresis and creep
      Intelligent backstepping control for linear induction motor drive
      Global output regulation with minimum information of uncertain nonlinear systems subject to exogenous signals
      LMI approach to delay-dependent robust stability for uncertain time-delay systems
      Feedback linearisation of nonminimum singular systems
      Nonlinear decoupled control for linear induction motor servo-drive using the sliding-mode technique
      Temperature control in liquid helium cryostat using self-learning neurofuzzy controller
      Control of free length when coiling a helical spring
      Lyapunov-based controller design for bounded dynamic stochastic distribution control
      Time-domain based design and analysis of new PID tuning rules
      Eigenstructure assignment design for proportional-integral observers: continuous-time case
      Adaptive stabilisation of extended nonlinear output feedback systems

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