IEE Proceedings - Control Theory and Applications

Volume 148, Issue 2, March 2001

Volume 148, Issue 2

March 2001

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    • Design of feedback controllers for paraplegic standing
      Receding horizon output feedback control for linear systems with input saturation
      Discrete control for a computer hard disk by using a fractional order hold device
      MIMO system invertibility and decoupling control strategies based on ANN αth-order inversion
      Sensitivity models for nonlinear filters with application to recursive parameter estimation for nonlinear state-space models
      Exponential and BIBS stabilisation of one degree of freedom mechanical systems subject to single non-smooth impacts
      Adaptive hybrid control using a recurrent neural network for a linear synchronous motor servo-drive system
      Reactive parking control of nonholonomic vehicles via a fuzzy learning automaton
      Optimal tuning of PID controllers for integral and unstable processes

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