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IEE Proceedings - Control Theory and Applications

Volume 145, Issue 2, March 1998

Volume 145, Issue 2

March 1998

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    • Acceleration feedforward control for active magnetic bearing systems excited by ground motion
      Scan loop control design for a spin-stabilised seeker
      LFT approach to robust -stability bounds of uncertain linear singular systems
      Application of self-organising neural networks in robot tracking control
      Indirect adaptive control for a class of linear time-varying plants
      Control of single-link flexible beam using Hankel-norm-based reduced-order model
      Robust digital controller design for processes with dead times: New results
      Robust gamma stability of highly perturbed systems
      Recurrent networks for nonlinear adaptive control
      Mini-max control of cross-directional variations on a paper machine
      Design, DSP implementation, and performance of artificial-intelligence-based speed estimators for electromechanical drives
      Introduction to a special coordinate basis for multivariable linear systems
      Longitudinal control with time delay in platooning
      Generalised predictive controller with pole restriction
      Robust regional stabilisation of an electropneumatic actuator
      On-line process estimation by ANNs and Smith controller design
      Robust control of sampled data systems

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