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IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 152, Issue 6, December 2005

Volume 152, Issue 6

December 2005

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    • Performance of DS–CDMA with chip interleaving and frequency domain equalisation in a fading channel
      Efficient scheduling with reduced message delay for passive star coupled WDM optical networks
      Design of an SCRFNN-based nonlinear channel equaliser
      Solving optimum TDMA broadcast scheduling in mobile ad hoc networks: a competent permutation genetic algorithm approach
      Low complexity detection of high-order modulations in multiple antenna systems
      Performance improvement of active queue management with per-flow scheduling
      Time domain upsampling linear MMSE receiver for asynchronous MC-CDMA systems over frequency-selective Rayleigh fading channels
      Gateway-based multicast protocol – a novel multicast protocol for mobile ad hoc networks
      Analytical approach to performance analysis for channel subject to shadowing and fading
      Outage probabilities in shadowed fading channels using a compound statistical model
      Performance analysis and comparison of different multirate TH-UWB systems: uncoded and coded schemes
      Mathematical analysis of the input-queued packet switch under multicast traffic
      Simplified derivation of the modified Chernoff upper bound
      Effective system spectral efficiency applied to a multiple high-altitude platform system
      Public key cryptosystem based on two cryptographic assumptions
      Cache partitioning for multiple sessions in local loss recovery of reliable multicast
      Efficient identity-based multicast scheme from bilinear pairing
      Semi-blind estimation of channels and symbols for asynchronous MIMO systems
      Performance analysis for indoor wireless systems employing directional antennas
      Generalised class of cubic frequency-hopping sequences with large family size
      Performance analysis of PSK systems in the presence of slow fading, imperfect carrier phase recovery, and AWGN
      Parallel receiver channel sounder for spatial and MIMO characterisation of the mobile radio channel
      Improved weighted bit-flipping algorithm for decoding LDPC Codes
      Comparison of tree-based reliable multicast protocols for many-to-many sessions
      Adaptive fault tolerant bandwidth management framework for multimedia cellular networks
      Comparative analysis of partially coherent and differentially coherent PSK systems with equal-gain diversity
      Sensitivity of FFT-equalised zero-padded OFDM systems to time and frequency synchronisation errors
      Transmitter precoding in downlink MC–CDMA systems over frequency-selective Rayleigh fading channels
      Parallel decoding scheme for a multiple stack algorithm
      Lookup table based multiplication technique for GF(2m) with cryptographic significance
      Noncoherent coded modulation for 32QAM
      Models of HF spectral occupancy over a sunspot cycle
      ID-based designated-verifier proxy signatures
      MRC reception of rectangular M-ary QAM signals over frequency-flat Rayleigh fading channels with distinctive branch fading amplitudes
      Design issues and QoS handover management for broadband LEO satellite systems
      Principal component combining with differential detection for DPSK signals over Rayleigh fading channels
      Comparison between DS-CDMA and modified Gegenbauer functions for a multiuser communication ultra-wideband system
      Performance evaluation of queue with unreliable wireless channel
      Comparison of DS-CDMA and MC-CDMA techniques for dual-dispersive fading acoustic communication networks
      New graph model for channel assignment in ad hoc wireless networks
      Time-reversal space-time block coded WCDMA receiver in urban and suburban environments
      Performance of multilevel turbo codes with group partitioning over satellite channels
    • Editorial: Capacity approaching codes design and implementation
      Fountain codes
      Density evolution, thresholds and the stability condition for non-binary LDPC codes
      Erasure-control coding for distributed networks
      Construction of well-structured quasi-cyclic low-density parity check codes
      Decoding of low-density parity-check codes in non-Gaussian channels
      Finite precision implementation of LDPC decoders
      Migration to capacity approaching codes for digital video broadcasting
      Construction of partial unit memory encoders for application in capacity-approaching concatenated codes
      Turbo-detected unequal protection MPEG-4 wireless video telephony using multi-level coding, trellis coded modulation and space-time trellis coding
      Design of power- and bandwidth-efficient turbo-coded modulation schemes using constellation shaping
      Bit metric generation for Gray coded QAM signals
      Design of constellation labelling maps for iteratively demapped modulation schemes based on the assumption of hard-decision virtual channels

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