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IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 152, Issue 5, October 2005

Volume 152, Issue 5

October 2005

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    • EXIT chart analysis and performance of precoded turbo equalisation systems for long block lengths
      High capacity hotspots based on bluetooth technology
      Dual-hop wireless communications with combined gain relays
      Improved subspace-based channel estimation algorithm for DS/CDMA systems exploiting pulse-shaping information
      Encoded diversity transmission for slow-frequency-hopped multiple access communication
      Congestion control based on flow-state-dependent dynamic priority scheduling
      IMD reduction coding to improve the error probability performance of nonlinearly distorted OFDM signals
      Software performance characterisation of block cipher structures using S-boxes and linear mappings
      Method for yielding a database of location fingerprints in WLAN
      Hybrid maximum likelihood frequency offset estimation in coherent OFDM systems
      On the use of partial unit memory codes for woven turbo codes with outer and inner warp
      Multiconstrained QoS routing using optimal supervisory control
      Unsupervised, fast and efficient colour-image copy protection
      Outage-based fuzzy call admission controller with multiuser detection for WCDMA systems
      Carrier frequency offset estimation for OFDM/SDMA systems using consecutive pilots
      Optimising data processing in network performance monitoring systems
      Adaptive scheduling algorithms for Ethernet passive optical networks
      Optimal settings of maximum transfer unit (MTU) for efficient wireless video communications
      DO-WF2Q: delay-optimised WF2Q packet scheduling
      Equalisation with adaptive time lag
      End-to-end rate-based congestion control using EWMA for multicast services in IP networks
      Effective message routing in unstructured peer-to-peer overlays
      Performance of coherent fast frequency-hopped spread-spectrum receivers with partial-band noise jamming and AWGN
      Analysis of the channel bit-rate detection process in WCDMA
      Explicit window adaptation algorithm over TCP wireless networks
      Efficient PAPR reduction scheme for satellite MC-CDMA systems
      Performance of iterative multiuser receivers for turbo-coded asynchronous DS-CDMA systems over flat-fading channels
      Construction and performance of algebraic–geometric codes over AWGN and fading channels
      Cryptanalysis of two identification schemes based on an ID-based cryptosystem
      Effect of an independent antenna on the performance of a correlated dual-diversity predetection EGC receiver in Nakagami-m fading channel
      Dynamic resource allocation for handoff using MC-CDMA in wireless ATM networks
      Blind adaptive multiuser detection based on linearly constrained DSE–CMA
      Automated detection of unexpected communication network performance changes
      MPEG-encoded variable bit-rate video traffic modelling

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