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IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 152, Issue 4, August 2005

Volume 152, Issue 4

August 2005

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    • Concatenated space–time trellis codes with optimal puncturing patterns
      Analysis of network error correction based on network coding
      Near-optimum serial concatenation of single-parity codes with convolutional codes
      Authenticated Diffie–Hellman key agreement protocol using a single cryptographic assumption
      Convertible ring signature
      Analysis of non-data-aided carrier frequency recovery with Luise–Reggiannini estimators applied to M-PSK schemes
      Fast, stable simulation of power-law packet traffic using concatenated acceleration techniques
      Survivable GMPLS networks with QoS guarantees
      Complexity-reduced iterative MAP receiver for spatial multiplexing systems
      Providing absolute differentiated services for optical burst switching networks: loss differentiation
      Channel statistical multiplexing in SDH/SONET networks
      Iterative reconstruction-based method for clipping noise suppression in OFDM systems
      Spectrally efficient transmit diversity scheme for differentially modulated multicarrier transmissions
      Optimal precoder for block transmission over frequency-selective fading channels
      Suboptimal multiple-symbol differential detection of MPSK with diversity reception
      Spread-spectrum sequence estimation for DSSS signal in non-cooperative communication systems
      Sufficient statistic and reduced-dimensionality equivalent symbol-space model for frequency-flat MIMO channel with spatially nonuniform delay
      MIMO frequency-selective channels with multiple-frequency offsets: estimation and detection techniques
      Multiple antenna options for high data rate CDMA systems
      Performance analysis of high-speed packet data in an integrated voice/data CDMA system

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