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IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 152, Issue 3, June 2005

Volume 152, Issue 3

June 2005

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    • Efficient fair digital-signature exchange based on misbehaviour penalisation
      Secure and efficient web metering scheme
      Robust decoding of DFT-based error-control codes for impulsive and additive white Gaussian noise channels
      Application of reversible variable-length codes in robust speech coding
      Effects of imperfect channel estimation on space–time coding performance
      Optimising the combined source and channel coding of a discrete communication system
      Power and bandwidth efficient constant-envelope BPSK signals and its continuous phase modulation interpretation
      Tap-constrained constant modulus algorithm for the blind equalisation of time-reversal-based STBCs through the exploitation of algebraic properties
      Subspace-based blind adaptive multiuser detection using Kalman filter
      Full auto rate MAC protocol for wireless ad hoc networks
      Sliding weighted fair queueing scheme for real-time applications
      Peer-distributed web caching with incremental update scheme
      QoS assessment of video streams over IP networks based on monitoring transport and application layer processes at user clients
      Integrated fault tolerant connections-scheduling for dilated Benes network
      Throughput of high-speed TCP in optical burst switching networks
      Diversity and packet combining in Rayleigh fading channels
      Simple algorithm for peak windowing and its application in GSM, EDGE and WCDMA systems
      Stability issues of sequence adaptation for CDMA systems with antenna arrays
      Man-made noise measurement programme
      NEXT cancellation system with improved convergence rate and tracking performance

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